Yoshinoya in 30 seconds!

Yoshinoya is the bomb! The food is decent, and it’s really fast. We timed their service and all the people in the restaurant got their order within 25-45 seconds of ordering. The staff was loud, yelling things in Japanese, and preparing food swift like ninjas, it was incredible! Their most popular dish is Gyudon (beef on rice) but I went for the pork on rice dish. This + some green tea comes to less than $4.

Yoshinoya Pork


13 thoughts on “Yoshinoya in 30 seconds!

  1. The food looks awesome. I’d love to go to Japan and stay there as if you are doing atm.
    I’m very interested in the Japanese culture.
    How did you get to stay in Japan? Does life in Japan make you want to stay there or you want to be back in the states?

  2. Jyankee – Yeah! Fast and cheap, can’t go wrong with that. I heard stories about how they didn’t have beef for a while. That was years ago I think.

    Rachel – If Japan interests you then you should visit sometime, or go for it and move here for a while. Many countries have a ‘working holiday’ visa which means you can visit for a year, and American’s have a 90 day tourist visa. You could always head to Japan for three months, then bounce over to Korea for three months, etc etc. I have a spouse visa right now. Life in Japan is different than the U.S. and each country has their pros and cons. Right now at this very moment, I see myself moving back to the U.S. near a Japanese community for long term. But who knows, things change.

  3. Two weeks ago I went to one of the Yoshinoya restaurants here in Ueda (Nagano) and it was delicious. You are right when you say that the service is fast. They took less than a minute to bring the order to the table! Talk about efficiency.

  4. Tornadoes28 – Yeah, pretty sweet! If you order a different size, they’ll give you a bigger bowl. It gives you the feel of home cooking… kind of.

  5. Yoshinoya helped me save cost, while eating hot food while vacationing in Japan. Of course the ones in Japan taste way better than its franchise in Malaysia.

  6. I tend to look past the styrofoam containers given at 42nd st. in New York and just enjoy the yummy food. My only problem is with their recent shrimp bowl, where you have to pick the tals off the shrimps youself, but then I’m rather lazy.

    Steve, forgive me while I go through all your old posts, but I’m eager to hear of your experiences and pick up on your blogging methods.

  7. >Tejou

    Shrimp bowl? I’m guessing thats a USA only thing? As far as I’m aware they don’t have that here. BTY about the tails many people eat those here. It’s supposed to be high in calcium or something like that. Funny, I found this page just after bringing some yoshi gyu home and wondering if it tastes the same in the USA.. Googled Yoshinoya USA and Japan different taste.

    Anyway anyone know if its the same here and there?

  8. I had a butadon and gyudon at the Yoshinoya near Yokohama station and it was delicious. I was also pleasantly surprised to receive the entire order in under a minute. I also want to note that we were greeted as we entered, took a seat at the counter, and ordered the food, ate the food, THEN paid the bill. So it was basically like a restaurant expeirence and not so much a fast food experience in which you pay first then eat.

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