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Were you a Nova English teacher? - Japan it UP!

Were you a Nova English teacher?

Nova SchoolNova English teacher = you’re screwed and that sucks. Over 4,000 teachers are out of a job! Over 400,000 students haven’t gotten a refund! Nova is bankrupt! This is all total shiznit! It looks like things have come to an end for Nova English teachers that are here on a work visa in hopes of some income and a cultural experience. You’re probably left with very few options such as… finding another job teaching english, or working at some short term job, or working at a bar/club frequented by English speaking Gaijin. (Here’s another job search related link) If you can’t find a job then you can always head back to your home country. For some of you it may not be possible due financial difficulty (aka not being paid by the man) which basically means you’re screwed. If I were in a situation of not being able to find a job replacement I’d either save the money I had to buy a ticket with (while spending the rest partying it up) or in the case I had $0 I’d have my friends/family wire me some money or buy an e-ticket for me to get the hell out of dodge! If you plan on getting a plane ticket you should act soon because after December 20th the rates go up due to the holiday season. If you wait longer than that you’ll just be super screwed. By the way I can’t imagine having a family and working for Nova and not getting paid. Nova carries a debt worth 40 billion Yen. They might have to refund students before paying out salaries and who knows when that could happen. It could be six months or longer.

I read in many places about emergency loans this, emergency loans that, hoping to get an emergency loan from the Embassy blah blah blah. Good luck with that! I can’t find any information on the web regarding this type of loan. The U.S. Embassy website (tokyo.usembassy.gov) mentions nothing about a loan or emergency funds for people employed by Nova. They do say this:

If you require financial assistance, you could request that your family wire funds through the U.S. Department of State here or purchase an e-ticket on your behalf.

Your Embassy is there to help you out, but only to an extent. Here is a link to a list of attorneys who speak English who may be able to help you out with any legal matters. The British Embassy will offer a little bit of help to its citizens (about 1000 teachers) but they did release a statement that said the U.K. Embassy is unable to provide financial assistance (aka emergency loan) but could help Nova employees contact family and friends. I’m not sure what that means. Free phone cards or something? Shiiiiiiiiiiit.

The United States Embassy in Japan has posted Information for Americans employed by NOVA

The U.S. Embassy is aware that NOVA filed for court protection on October 26, 2007and has temporarily shut all of its schools in Japan. We are closely monitoring the situation.

NOVA’s Foreign Personnel Section contact telephone number for East Japan is in Tokyo at (03) 6688-4441 and for West Japan is in Osaka at (06) 7688-0404. The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare has also announced that NOVA teachers may call the Shinjuku Employment Assistance and Instruction Center for Foreigners at the Hello Work Office in Shinjuku at (03) 3204-8621 and the Osaka Employment Service Center for Foreigners at (06) 6344-1135 for advice. NOVA’s situation is changing rapidly, and you may wish to follow the English-language websites of some of the major newspapers, including news at these sites:

If you decide you wish to remain in Japan, you may also wish to contact some of the following organizations for advice on employment contracts and Japanese labor regulations. Some teachers may be eligible for unemployment benefits; please contact Hello Work or the following organizations for further information.

Yahoo News repots:

These days, teachers feel as if the joke is on them. Some 4,000 foreign teachers are without jobs and are owed $4,000 in back pay after Japan’s largest school chain, Nova Corp., closed its 900 schools last week, declared bankruptcy, and failed to pay refunds to its 400,000 students.

Good luck to all of the people that got the shaft from Nova. I’d hate to be in your situation right now.


3 thoughts on “Were you a Nova English teacher?

  1. That’s cool Kevin. Also I read this today, it has some good info.
    Q and A – Nova failure: Can teachers recoup lost pay, keep jobs?

  2. Nova was the best of the best when I worked
    They trained me well.
    Just worked 4pm to 9pm 5×45 min classes.

    Then overtime at weekends and mornings.
    And the Best taking a week paid vacation.

    Then working that week there were over 200 schools in Tokyo on call at lest 20 sick a day up to 70 people sick a day 7500 native speakers at that time. No Japanese english teachers.

    I liked near Shinjuku station.
    Anyway I was an overtime king being paid in 1996 up to $7000.00 American
    2% tax

    So I was clearing $7000.00 well way over I had 6 private clients who would fly me to Guam to play golf $ english lesson a month with a paid apt.
    Nova was at its height & I did alot of free demo sales lessons & got c/c out of 8 of 10 students with cash or parents c/c who I would call.

    I would build rapport speak japanese & they would pull me out of classes to do sales demo lessons because I had a 80% ranking of getting credit card numbers.

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