Detox And Lose Weight At Bathtime!

So… I was watching one of my favorite channels – Shop Channel (It’s like QVC [they have it in Japan too] or Home Shopping Network in the U.S.). People are always working hard and I’ve seen quite a few awkward moments, it’s awesome, I kid you not! What’s the difference of Shop Channel and QVC Japan vs. QVC America? Here’s a quick breakdown.

Booya Japan Style!

  • QVC America tries to sell you crap you’ll never use and takes calls from old people.
  • Shop Channel and QVC Japan tries to sell THE CRAZIEST THINGS I’VE EVER SEEN!

The other day while watching Shop Channel I saw some younger woman wearing a gold moon suit looking plastic bag outfit, reading a book, and relaxing in a bath while sweating her balls off. I’m like WTF! So I took some ghetto pics of my TV and had my fiancee type the words out in Japanese and I hit up Google to find more about this weight loss thing. Here are my ghetto pictures.

Legs in the bath waterCrazy moon suit actionRelaxing and reading a book in the bath while wearing a crazy space suit

Here are some failed Google Translations:

  • Big exercise and sweat bath water-soluble out from the sweat glands, sweat, urine and most of the same component
  • After more than 30 km marathon run, sweat glands and milk served with sweat

Here are some details I was able to make out:

  • It comes with 6 non slip pads
  • I don’t know how long you wear it. I’m assuming 30 minutes in boiling water.
  • A 30-km marathon puts out the same amount of sweat.
  • You’ll lose 2kg of weight
  • You can use the suit up to 10 times (sounds great, especially after you see the sweat bag pictures)

Now some professional pictures of the product.

What up pimps! Gibs it up yo!Whoa! So easy to lose weight during bath time!Gold moon suit baths so fun and relaxing!

Crazy bath moon suit in action Bags of sweat pour out of your body!Charcoal + japanese words + bath = ultimate enjoyment!

And lastly, here’s a link so you can buy it directly from Shop Channel for 4,935 Yen RIGHT NOW! Or you can buy similar stuff on Amazon called Sauna Suits.

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