Using Japanese Characters in Notepad++ (UTF-8)

I use an open source text editor called Notepad++. By default you can’t write Japanese or other foreign characters, they initially show up as question mark characters (???? ????????). The solution to this problem is to go into the settings and change the encoding from ANSI to UTF-8. Here’s how you set it up.

  1. Launch Notepad++
  2. Click Settings > Select Preferences
  3. Under New Document / Default Directory click UTF-8 under encoding. Then click close.
  4. Now create a new file by clicking the icon or under the menu click File > Select New

And there you have it! All future new files should have UTF-8 encoding which will allow you to type in Japanese. You might think of looking under the Language Menu / Tab Settings, but that’s for programming languages. Here’s what the preferences look like.

Notepad++ in Japanese using UTF-8
Notepad++ in Japanese by selecting UTF-8 as default

Also if you’re running a blog and have a similar problem using WordPress, here’s how you can write Japanese in WordPress.


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