Tiny Japanese Coca Cola

I’ve seen some amazing and interesting things here in Japan so far and here are some photos of the smallest Coke I’ve ever seen in my life. Can you imagine drinking this with a Mega Mac? It’s 160ml (or 5.4 ounces), it cost 53 Yen, and it came in a heavy duty can. Speaking of cans, a lot of canned drinks here in Japan are pretty strong. I’d say they are somewhere in the middle of an American beer can and a can of vegetables. I was in a rush so the only thing I had hand to compare size was an 8 ounce coffee mug. I know there are a lot of collectors out there, so if you’re a fan but in the U.S. you should check out this cool Japanese Coca Cola t-shirt!

Coca Cola in Japan Coca Cola in Japan Japanese Coke Can


13 thoughts on “Tiny Japanese Coca Cola

  1. Those things are essentially a shot of Cola, They have them in coffee form (the idea being you buy a quick shot of caffeine to help you through the day) but why they have “Cola Shots” is beyond me….

  2. well, i’ve seen little Pepsi and 7up and coca can in other Asian countries, possibly imported from Japan. But they are much more expensive than normal size can, is there anything special beside the size?

  3. Just taking sips of a soda is not very fun. I like the feel the POW of the bubbles and quench my thirst at the same time. I turned into a water drinker over the last two years so I went for this small can instead of multiple small cans. McDonald’s has really tiny drinks as well. Probably around 8oz but they feel like 4 with the ice.

  4. I love the tiny Coke!
    You would not know where a thirsty Midwestern lady can buy some Stevia sweetened Coke from Japan now would you?

  5. I have no idea Deb. I didn’t even hear about Stevia sweetened Coke until you mentioned it. I had to look that up in Google. I found out it’s called amaha sutebia in Japan if that helps any.

  6. OK if I give you the $$$ I would love to have one of these shipped to me here in Texas. My Japanese crazy 16 yr old daughter would go bananas if I gave her this coke can as a present! If you’re interested I’ll send the cash asap…seriously.

  7. so cute!! ^.^ Hey! I’m from TX too. Right on. If I showed this to anyone they’d think it was cool and perfect for a coke-back after a shot of some whiskey.

  8. Reading through your whole blog at the moment as I’m planning on moving there after university!

    Also we have these tiny cokes in Britain, you can get all the usual fizzy drinks in that size!

  9. making smaller doses for selling them more expensive and polluting the enviroment with useless products at the same time? bingo!

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