Takoyaki on a Chopstick

Walking downtown I saw a vendor selling Takoyaki on a stick for 200 yen. I thought wow! I could really use some takoyaki right about now! And I decided to grab some of these tasty octopus treats at a great value! It’s strange to have a piece of wood go through the takoyaki because there’s supposed to be some octopus in the middle. The presentation and the vendor’s friendliness helped secure the sale. The value was good, but it turned out the food wasn’t.  So I’ll be sticking to the freshly made takoyaki in a box for now on. Take a look at the difference. The 2nd picture is from a summer festival. You can make takoyaki at home too, it’s not too difficult.

takoyaki on a stick
Takoyaki on a stick with what I’d consider great presentation and a lot of mayo!
Takoyaki in a box at a Japanese summer festival
Fresh takoyaki in a box at a Japanese summer festival

9 thoughts on “Takoyaki on a Chopstick

  1. I still burn my mouth every time I eat takoyaki, but it’s so worth it. My in-laws live near Tenjin, I’ll have to keep my eye out next time I’m back for a visit.

  2. If you wait too long, it’s not hot but not as delicious. If you eat it when it’s hot, it’s delicious but burns your mouth. It’s a catch 22 situation, isn’t it?

  3. Unfortunately, my country is difficult to you or maybe none at all. But if I had a chance to visit Japan, I will not miss the chance to eat it ‘Takoyaki’.

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