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Who is Mr Jonesu? Will he be famous?

Monday, July 7th, 2014

Do you want to be famous in Japan? Do you have what it takes? Mr. Jonesu does! The 27 year old Australian YouTuber is doing whatever takes to get famous in Japan. He has created characters such as Super Geek, Daikon Man who eats blended Japanese food, and semi-naked Onigiri Man. I’m sure there’s more to come! His videos are create, a little insane, but addicting to watch.

Watch a few videos below, and here is a link to his debut video. And you can keep up to date on his crazy adventures by checking out his Tumblr blog.

But… who the hell is Mr. Jonesu?

Mr. Jonesu is the sexiest man alive!
Mr Jonesu is the sexiest man alive

He’s a fan of Hajirai Rescue, and they just might be fans of his!
Hajirai Rescue Idol Group and Mr Jonesu

He can shake the hell out of the half-tambourine! (Japan’s version of the cowbell?)
Pon Pon Pon half-tambourine cowbell style

He can sleep anywhere dressed as anything!
Mr Jonesu eats pidan century egg duck egg quail egg raw egg blender salmon roe barut

And finally… Mr. Jonesu can drink beer like a BOSS!
Mr Jonesu Party in Japan with a massive glass of beer

But wait! There’s more… here are some of his YouTube videos.

He’s a brave guy and creative. Subscribe to his channel!

Japanese Salarayman vs American Salesman

Sunday, December 1st, 2013

Great video uploaded to Youtube showing the differences between the Japan office vs. American office. I’m showing part two but you can see part one here.

Funny Japanese Commercial Reel

Thursday, September 12th, 2013

An American actor made a fake Japanese Commercial Reel and it is HILARIOUS!! You have to check it out. Youtube… who would have known how awesome it would become. Bam!

Washing Hair in a Jacket Japanese Commercial

Old School Legend of Zelda Commercial

Monday, September 9th, 2013

I was check out YouTube today and found an awesome commercial for the Legend of Zelda on the Super Famicom. First I watched the video and felt joy. Second I sat in front of my computer for about 30 seconds. Third I went “WTF is a Super Famicom?” Fourth I Googled it and found out that it’s basically the same thing as the Super NES aka Super Nintendo. Nice!

Here’s the video:

Here’s some more info on wtf a Super Famicom is.

The Super Nintendo Entertainment System or Super NES (also called SNESa and Super Nintendo) was a 16-bit video game console released by Nintendo in North America, Europe, Australasia, and Brazil between 1990 and 1993. In Japan and Southeast Asia, the system is called the Super Family Computer, Super Famicom (スーパーファミコン, Sūpā Famikon), or SFC for short. In South Korea, it is known as the Super Comboy and was distributed by Hyundai Electronics. Although each version is essentially the same, several forms of regional lockout prevent direct compatibility.

Stuff Gaijin Say in Japan (and things they don’t)

Friday, September 7th, 2012

I found these videos entertaining.

Things Gaijin (foreigners in Japan) say:
I laughed at “This burger tastes different” – but I think it’s true. The ketchup tastes different too. I thought I was going a bit crazy but then I’ve noticed some McDonald’s offering ketchup and “American ketchup” at the dispensers. Because of this, I feel less insane.


Things Gaijin never say (I cracked up at “I miss Nova”)


And finally stuff American’s say (not as funny as the first one, but worth a mention)