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Visiting Tokyo (Travel Guide)

To begin, here’s a wonderful site to help you navigate the train lines in Tokyo: JR Train Map: Tokyo Metro Map: Points of interest according to station/area: Akihabara (via Yamanote, Sobu, and Hibiya lines) Famous for having one of the largest

Hiking Mount Fuji (Travel Guide)

One of the most strikingly beautiful mountains in the world, hiking Japan’s Mount Fuji is an adventure that will create memories that will last a lifetime. The mountain is 3776 meters tall, and a hike even part of the way up the mountain offers

The City of Kobe (Travel Guide)

Japan holds a strange and somewhat magical hold on the imaginations of some travelers. The subject of fascination can vary greatly between each individual, ranging from romantic visions of ancient landscapes to those of modern pop culture exports. However, to residents of Japan these