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5 Awesome Things To Do In Japan

There are plenty of great things to do in Tokyo but here are a list of the top 5: 1) Visit Tokyo There are plenty of awesome cities to visit in Japan, you need to visit the infamous Tokyo. Not only is it the

Ice Cream Ramen

Sure sure you might be saying “Only in Tokyo” but you should be saying “Only in Japan” because there’s crazy stuff all over the place. Anyway there’s a restaurant in Tokyo that has created the ultimate ramen + desert in one package. Looks simple

Discover Tokyo (A Quick Tour Overview)

Shinjuku The railway station in Shinjuku is particularly big It serves above 4 million people Shinjuku is a very busy area through all day long. At night the neon signs are brightening in shiny Colors that makes the city looks glory. Harajuku When all

300,000 Yen Black skin watermelon!

A black skin watermelon from Tomachou is sold at 300,000 yen at an auction in Sapporo city. That’s about $3800! These watermelons are famous for its black luster skin and rich red flesh which have a high level of sweetness compared to the common