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Detox And Lose Weight At Bathtime!

Sunday, January 13th, 2008

So… I was watching one of my favorite channels – Shop Channel (It’s like QVC [they have it in Japan too] or Home Shopping Network in the U.S.). People are always working hard and I’ve seen quite a few awkward moments, it’s awesome, I kid you not! What’s the difference of Shop Channel and QVC Japan vs. QVC America? Here’s a quick breakdown.

Booya Japan Style!

  • QVC America tries to sell you crap you’ll never use and takes calls from old people.
  • Shop Channel and QVC Japan tries to sell THE CRAZIEST THINGS I’VE EVER SEEN!

The other day while watching Shop Channel I saw some younger woman wearing a gold moon suit looking plastic bag outfit, reading a book, and relaxing in a bath while sweating her balls off. I’m like WTF! So I took some ghetto pics of my TV and had my fiancee type the words out in Japanese and I hit up Google to find more about this weight loss thing. Here are my ghetto pictures.

Legs in the bath waterCrazy moon suit actionRelaxing and reading a book in the bath while wearing a crazy space suit

Here are some failed Google Translations:

  • Big exercise and sweat bath water-soluble out from the sweat glands, sweat, urine and most of the same component
  • After more than 30 km marathon run, sweat glands and milk served with sweat

Here are some details I was able to make out: (more…)