Saving Money on Transportation

This is an article about Transportation in Japan that I’m putting under the “Saving Money” category. Hopefully you’ll find this useful if you visit Japan or live in Japan.

Trains in Tokyo are unbelievably convenient and reliable and a great alternative to Taxis. They are rarely off schedule and have stations in every major location throughout the city. Here are a list of websites where you can buy affordable tickets.

Tokyo Metro Passes – visit the site here
JR East Rail Passes – visit the site here

If you would like a quick train pass that works on all trains in Tokyo, you could always purchase a SUICA card (very convenient). This can be filled with any amount of money and all you do is swipe through all train gates, use if on most vending machine, easy pay in convenience stores and more. In the end, you can keep it as a souvenir – more info on SUICA here.

* I focus on Tokyo because that’s where the majority of visitors go during their visit to Japan.



Japan Train Station
Japan Train Station




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