Kuramata Shiro Bath

Kuramata Shiro history in Japanese

1980年代に倉俣 史朗(kuramata shiro)は新設計のコイルが無い風呂を設計しました。形としては一世代前の風呂を元に作られたが、見た目は現代式の倉又風呂。コンセプトとしては、茶碗の形をした風呂を追い炊きで水を温めるシステムです。でも、追い炊きなので、コイルを使わないで火を使ってお湯を温める方法でした。しかし、あまりにも売れなかったのですぐに廃品にされました。 Visit: http://primo.getty.edu/


ETRURIA: Breaking into Japan’s music industry

ETRURIA BAND is thinking on the possibility to move their music to JAPAN, because in this open mind country their music will be more easy to show. The singer Sergio Ferrer from Spain was in the past in Japan (Tokyo) and he was amazed about Japanese people and always with the idea to return to…

Ski Japan

Improve your skiing experience with these tips!

It’s often wondered … when is the best time to ski and where? Choose to ski Japan, Canada or the USA instead of Europe this year and you instantly improve your chances of floating through fresh powder – while the Alps tend to receive an average of around five metres of snow each year, most…

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3 Delicious MUST TRY Japanese Foods

What makes Japan stand out when it comes to food is the importance of preparation and the quality of the ingredients used in Japanese cuisine. Japan is basically a foodies paradise and it isn’t surprising that Japan has the most 3 star Michelin Restaurants in the world along with France. With so many Japanese dishes and…

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Japan’s troubled relationship with suicide

Japan’s suicide rate has increased in the last 30 years. In 1982, the rate increased, then gradually decreased until 1997. In 1998, the rate jumped again, and remained high after 1998. Both 1982 and 1998 were recession years, but 1998 was special. In November 1997, Sanyo Securities, Hokkaido Takushoku Bank and Yamaichi Securities Co. went bankrupt. In…