Save Money When Dining Out

Today I’m going to talk about eating food at restaurants in Japan and how to save a little bit if Yen. For those traveling Japan or thinking about living in Japan, I hope this helps you out a little. One of the main places

Flea Markets

Flea markets in Japan – the easy way to find both rare antiques, slightly used and really cheap clothes and other stuff. Some visitors are searching for Japan souvenirs, some are trying to save money making shopping there, some just look for new impressions.

LB Performance Car Expert Interview

In this video you get to see some behind the scenes action of Mr. Kato from LB Performance. Get up close with the amazing Ferrari 458 Italia and Nissan GTR as the team puts the final touches on the modifications! The segment is in

Green tea culture of Japan

Each society has its rules, and each civilization has its culture. When it comes to different ages, a certain thing is that the import and the export of tea remained a valuable aspect in the lives of many people. Originating from China and grown