Japan Drivers License Renewal

Actually, most of his lecture was about deaths. These pages outline the types of accidents that caused death – the first page tells us that 42.9% of deaths were of pedestrians, 18.5% were on a bicycle, 23.8% were on a motorbike and 13.7% were in a car. The following page then outlines what sort of…

Yoshiro Mori

Japanese 2020 Olympic Athletes Warned to Not Mumble Anthem

He was speaking to 300 athletes at a send-off ahead of the August Olympic Games to be held in Rio de Janeiro. Reports say attendees had just sung Kimigayo, Japan’s national anthem. “When you go up to the podium, please do not be mumbling but sing the national anthem,” Mr. Mori told those gathered on…

shibuya scramble crossing tokyo japan

LIVE Camera at the Shibuya Crossing

Get ready to see something awesome! You can view the live camera at Shibuya scramble crossing in Tokyo Japan on YouTube! Here’s the link. And here’s the live cam below!

Mt Fuji Travel The World

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Japan Train Station

Saving Money on Transportation

This is an article about Transportation in Japan that I’m putting under the “Saving Money” category. Hopefully you’ll find this useful if you visit Japan or live in Japan. Trains in Tokyo are unbelievably convenient and reliable and a great alternative to Taxis. They are rarely off schedule and have stations in every major location…