Shisha in Japan

The Japanese are renowned for their love of fish, with almost every species on the planet available in their restaurants, but they have also acquired a taste for Shisha (Hookah). This is flavoured tobacco that is smoked using a waterpipe, which many believe gives

Surfing in Japan

Are you looking for adventurous water activities? There are plenty of interesting and exciting water activities to enjoy in Japan. As it is surrounded by ocean and lined with 32,000 rivers, streams and lakes, this island nation offers challenging activities to indulge. You may

Japan’s love for cats

Technology, food and cats. The Japanese are very fond of these three things. The first two can be easily understood however the third one is rather fascinating. There are many different opinions as to why the Japanese love their cats. This particular part of

A Guide To Japan

If you’re looking for a cultural change of scenery, we definitely recommend that you take a trip to Japan. Quirky, technologically-advanced and offering some of the world’s finest cuisine, Japan is a must-see for any avid traveller. Whether you’re after visiting the cosmopolitan wonders