Steve Checks Out Awesome Cars

If you haven’t seen the Youtube Channel yet called From Steve’s Point of View スティーブ的視点 then it’s something you should check out! He drives fast cars, there are hot girls, crazy stuff, and a mix of Japanese and English from a non Japanese foreigner.

Advantages of Japan Email Marketing List

The following was contributed by Sam, a 10 year online marketer that works on a global scale. In order to have an effective Japan email list there are some things to consider with your possible prospects. You should be asking individuals to join your

PlayStation 4 Launch

The stage is now set for the release of PlayStation 4; the upcoming video console game from the Japanese Sony Computer Entertainment. The PS4 launch date is November 15, 2013. It will be taking place simultaneously in the US and Canada. The product will

Japanese Learning Resources

Textbooks: A Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar A Dictionary of Intermediate Japanese Grammar Read Real Japanese Fiction GENKI: Integrated Elementary Japanese I and II [beginners] An Integrated Approach to Intermediate Japanese Tobira (Gateway to advanced Japanese) TextFugu [an online textbook] Heisig’s Remembering Kanji Basic Kanji Book Vol.1 Kanji