Featured Recipe: Japanese Katsudon

Here is a cooking tutorial on how to make Japanese katsudon (deep fried pork rice bowl) Here’s what you’re going to need 4 Boneless pork loin steaks 1 Egg Flour (for coating meat) Fresh bread crumbs (for coating meat) Salt and Pepper Finely shredded

How to Unlock iPhone Calling AT&T From Japan

In order to save funds, many people in Japan ordered iPhone from the U.S. via eBay, fellow travelers or purchased from Japanese stores. The problem of the impossibility of making calls made few people scared – will unlock come or not? Unlock really was,

You are going to be RICH!

Before I moved to Japan in 2007 I talked to an investment banker about setting up some mutual funds and an IRA. They cringed and said “THE END IS NEAR!” and pushed me to use money market accounts or high interest savings accounts. At

5 Must Remember Japan Travel Tips

People from all over the world are intrigued with the charm, mystery and beauty of Japan. This is the very reason why year after year, thousands of tourists go to this amazing country. Truly, the appeal that Japan has for both travelers and tourists