How to Go Backpacking Through Japan

June 29th, 2014

Whether you’re looking to backpack through Japan for just a few days or a few months, you’re going to need some help to do it in an economical way.   Japan can be one of the most expensive places to travel in the world, and keeping expenses down can be difficult.   It doesn’t have to be that way — Japan has so much to offer and even if you’re on a small budget, you can enjoy visiting.   It’s going to take a lot of planning and research to do, but when you’re done, you’ll be able to see and do all Japan has to offer!

The best time to backpack is either the Spring or Autumn, because the weather is much drier and the skies are more clear.  If you’re looking to see the famous cherry blossoms, go in March.  The first week of May, known as the “Golden Week” can be a really busy period (with higher costs!), but is filled with a lot of festivals.  Be sure to make a list of things you want to see and do during your visit, and then prioritize them.

Cherry blossom viewing in Japan

What’s the Cheapest Way to Get Around While Backpacking Through Japan?

First thing is to find some really cheap flights to Japan — this will greatly cut into the cost of the trip.  Travel expenses can be minimized by using the Japan Rail Pass for visits up to three weeks.  If you’re on a really tight budget, consider the Seishun Juhachi (18) Kippu train pass.  It’s only good for a few times of the year (March 1-April 10, July 10-September 10, and December 10-January 10).  The Highway buses are a great option if you’re looking for single leg journeys.  Also, if you go overnight on a bus, you save money on your accommodations!  Not a bad deal.

The Cheapest way to Travel in Japan

For accommodations, make sure you do a lot of research and book them in advance.  There are a lot of choices when it comes to accommodations in advance, and finding cheap ones will help you stretch your budget even further.  Hostels and Capsule Hotels offer a tremendous value if all you’re looking for is a place to rest your head at the end of the night.  If you’re traveling as a couple, Love Hotels and Cheap Business Hotels offer good savings.  Some other cheap ways to stay are camping (when weather permits), couch surfing, volunteering with a WWOOF host, and Rider’s Houses.

The Cheapest Hotel in Japan (Capsule)

For some cheap eats, convenience stores offer an excellent source of food while you’re on the go during the day.  Another interesting way to save money on food is to look for department store food stalls.  They have a massive variety of foods including skewered meats,  sushi boxes, rice balls, and so on.  For a more sit-down experience, ramen noodle bars can be around 250 Yen and offer a great value.   If you’re volunteering or doing a home stay, you can get some great home cooked meals for cheap with the people you’re staying with.

The Cheapest Lunch in Japan

No matter what you want to see while you’re backpacking through Japan, you’re going to need to be a little budget conscious.  Follow our tips outlined here to save money on flights, transportation, accommodations, and food.  Save travels!

Using Japanese Characters in Notepad++ (UTF-8)

June 27th, 2014

I use an open source text editor called Notepad++. By default you can’t write Japanese or other foreign characters, they initially show up as question mark characters (???? ????????). The solution to this problem is to go into the settings and change the encoding from ANSI to UTF-8. Here’s how you set it up.

  1. Launch Notepad++
  2. Click Settings > Select Preferences
  3. Under New Document / Default Directory click UTF-8 under encoding. Then click close.
  4. Now create a new file by clicking the icon or under the menu click File > Select New

And there you have it! All future new files should have UTF-8 encoding which will allow you to type in Japanese. You might think of looking under the Language Menu / Tab Settings, but that’s for programming languages. Here’s what the preferences look like.

Notepad++ in Japanese using UTF-8

Notepad++ in Japanese by selecting UTF-8 as default

Also if you’re running a blog and have a similar problem using WordPress, here’s how you can write Japanese in WordPress.

4 Reasons Japan is great for Vacations!

June 24th, 2014

Japan Is A Perfect Place For Vacationers

Also known as the land of rising sun, Japan can be defined as a country, where past meets perfectly with the future. With the traditional culture along with modern discoveries, there are so many things, which you might have to taken into consideration, when planning for a trip in Japan. It is a land of dreams, where people from different corners of the world are going to gather and visit various places, where a mark of tradition comes alive with the futuristic touch. There are so many places for you to see in Japan and it is advisable for you to take some extra time out in your hand, when you are planning for a holiday trip here.

Some eminent places to see

Castles can be defined as a vital option, which you need to deal with, while travelling to Japan. There are so many western related castles available here and, therefore; this place cans also be stated as a nation for the castle builders. Some of the original castles, which you need to focus at, are Uwajima Castle, Kochi Castle, Matsue Castle, Matsuyama Castle, Marugame Castle, Bitchu Matsuyama Castle and there are so many other names, which you might have to take help of. You can also try and take help of the detailed architectural values, which are associated with the castles, situated in Japan.


Famous for Gardens

Japan is quite famous for gardens, as beauty is the second thing in hand after going through the castle zones. You might come across the unique blend of aesthetics in the landscape areas and also the sand and rock garden zones. This might be the sole reason, why Japan is stated as an official zone of Top Three Gardens. These are solely based on the size, beauty and also the authenticity of the place. You can also try and go for the historical significances, which are available, on the run. There are some must deserved names of the gardens, which is to be mentioned here. Some of those are Kenrokuen, Kairakuen, Korakuen and also the largest one of the lot, which is stated as Ritsurin Park and this is located at Takamatsu.


Food is always yummy

Apart from the tourist attraction spot, you can also try and go for the food option, which you might have to take help of. Food is always yummy and healthy, as well, as use of oil in Japanese food item is quite less. The main meal revolves around white rice, which is usually served as steamed rice. The main source of protein for the Japanese people is soya bean, which is prepared in various ways, to enhance the taste buds of the natives as well as the vacationers. Some of the other food items, which you can see among other options, are seafood, soya sauce, seaweed and there are more to be added, in the list.


Music is also a soothing experience

Just like yummy delicacies, if you want to soothe your mood in the best way, you can try and go for the music zone, as available in Japan. The traditional base of Japan song is based on the folk parts of this place and some of the best types for you to deal with are Kabuki, Gagaku, Noh, Joruri, Shomyo, Nagauta, Sokyoku and also Shakuhachi music. Even though the importance of traditional music is immense, still Japanese people can work well with the modern version of music.

Places for you to remember

From the points mentioned above, it can be well stated that Japan is a must attend place for you, once in a lifetime. However, you can also try and go for the various notes, before planning to go for a visit.

Author Bio: Mark Porter is going to focus towards the major notions of Japan and the various ways, in which tradition meets modern field. You will also come to know about debt consolidation from him. To know more visit our site.

Tokyo Plastic Surgery Specialist

June 22nd, 2014

Have you been considering changing your looks? Plastic surgery is one of a medical specialty, which nowadays is not only considered on restoration or correction of a damaged body form or function but also performed on normal parts of the body just to improve a person’s appearance or get rid of the signs of aging.

There are many types of plastic surgery, such as microsurgery, hand surgery, the treatment of burns, and reconstructive surgery. But the best known kind of plastic surgery these days are the cosmetic or aesthetic surgery. The main focus of cosmetic surgery is to enhance the appearance of a person through medical and surgical techniques. It can be performed in any parts of the body, where a person wants to have an improvement such as the nose, breast, buttock, etc.

If you are in Tokyo Japan or even outside the country and are considering of having a plastic surgery or even a non surgical treatment, you may visit Dr. Robert Kure on his clinic, Plaza Plastic Surgery located at 5-5-1 4F Hiroo, Shibuya-ku Tokyo, 150-0012 Japan, situated next to Starbucks on Hiroo shopping street.

Dr. Kure is originally from Japan and was the first Japanese plastic surgery resident to be selected as a chief resident in the history of UCLA. He is also bilingual and trained and licensed in both Japan and the United States. Since then he has treated many celebrities and athletes in both Japan and the U.S. He had a significant postgraduate training in both Plastic Surgery and Neurosurgery. Dr. Kure specializes in all areas of plastic surgery, including face and body, double eyelid surgery, skin care, liposuction, botox, dermal filler, and laser treatment.

Laser Removal

Dr. Kure has over 18 years of experience in the U.S. and he is now available for consultation in Tokyo. His clinic, Plaza Plastic Surgery, is the only plastic surgery clinic in Japan, owned and operated by U.S. Board-Certified plastic surgeon. The procedures that he is offering are:

• Arm Lift
• Botulinum Toxin
• Breast Augmentation
• Breast Implant Removal
• Breast Reconstruction
• Brow Lift
• Buttock Lift
• Chemical Peel
• Computer Imaging
• Cosmetic Surgery
• Dermabrasion
• Dermal Fillers
• Eyelid Surgery
• Facelift
• General Reconstruction
• Hair Replacement
• Injectable Fillers
• Laser Hair Removal
• Laser Skin Resurfacing
• Lip Augmentation / Enhancement
• Liposuction
• Nose Surgery
• Port-Wine Stain Removal
• Retin-A Treatments
• Scar Revision
• Surgery for Genitourinary Diseases
• Tattoo Removal
• Tummy Tuck

laser tightening

Dr. Robert Kure is a featured plastic surgeon with which is a Guide to Plastic Surgery. With all his achievements and experience, you can be sure that he more than an expert enough to do any plastic surgery that you want. You can also be sure that his clinic will provide quality outpatient plastic surgery, skin care, and state of the art laser treatment in the most safe and cost effective manner.

Mario Kart 8: Luigi’s Death Stare

June 11th, 2014

After Mario Kart 8 was released on the Nintendo Wii U, the star of the game has recently become Luigi and his amazing death stare! Check out this video!