LB Performance Car Expert Interview

In this video you get to see some behind the scenes action of Mr. Kato from LB Performance. Get up close with the amazing Ferrari 458 Italia and Nissan GTR as the team puts the final touches on the modifications! The segment is in

Green tea culture of Japan

Each society has its rules, and each civilization has its culture. When it comes to different ages, a certain thing is that the import and the export of tea remained a valuable aspect in the lives of many people. Originating from China and grown

This would Never Happen in Japan

In these videos, Steve touches on vending machines and the way the don’t take money but nickel and dime you to death! Working conditions, and J-Pop Fukuyama!! From Steve’s Point of View (or スティーブ的視点 in Japanese) is a Youtuber I recently ran across while

Exploring the national parks of Japan

The island of Japan has been endowed with some of the most breathtaking scenery and impressive natural wonders in the entire world. This island nation offers a total of 30 national parks that visitors can explore to get to know the landscape of this