Benefits of the Japanese Ofuro (Soaking Tub)

Aren`t we all like Tom Cruise in the “last Samurai” who fell in love with the beauty and purity of Japanese traditions? And above all what is more lyrical than the Japanese ritual of bathing, cleaning the body from impurities, soaking and soothing in

Help Japanese artist get honored in New York City

Japanese realist painter Samizu Matsuki is being honored in New York City on October 20th for being first woman ever inducted into the famous Salmagundi Art Club, nearly 40 years ago. Salmagundi Club membership is limited to greatest of realism artists painting in America.

Top 5 Universities in Japan

Here is a current list of the top 5 universities in Japan. Update: I have received some e-mails asking me if these Universities offer courses and degrees in English. I have updated each one with links to the University websites showing full details. You