Will They Ever Understand an Entrepreneur?

I’m an entrepreneur, haha that’s not too broad is it? I focus on marketing consulting for established and start up companies. On top of that I’m a media buyer, and an angel investor. My clients used to be exclusively U.S. based but then I

Using a Tablet While Traveling in Japan

Tablets and Touchpads are becoming essential to business professionals like myself (I use an Apple iPad) as well as travelers. They are light weight, can do most things you’d use a ‘net-book’ for, and best of all they’re so easy to use. Sean, a

Quick Tips About Japanese Customs

Adam e-mailed me and wanted to share some quick tips about the customs he encountered while living in Japan. Japan has an amazing and dynamic culture. It has fascinating buildings and architecture that date back thousands of years that simply ooze Japanese culture. This

Finding an Apartment in Japan as a Student

It can be a cumbersome task for foreign students to find apartments in Japan, because of some major differences in the language limitation and renting systems. Also there is a factor as to how the Japanese view a foreigner, because they usually base their

Rosetta Stone Japanese Review

There are few products available that can compete with the incredible benefits of Rosetta Stone Japanese. The program has been expertly tested and proven to be a leading language resource for all types and levels of Japanese language learners. The merits of the program