Michiya Hanayagi Japanese Dance Studio Obon Festival

Japanese Obon Festival (Matsuri)

Usually called Obon, but also known as O-Bon or simply Bon, the Japanese Obon Festival is the one of the most well known Buddhist festivals. The celebration is meant to honor the departed spirits of one’s ancestors. Some call Obon the “Feast of Lanterns”, due to the lighting of candles and lanterns that is part…

Revolutionary Girl Utena Cosplay

Cosplay: Living the Fantasy

Known as the “Land of the Rising Sun” Japan is an extremely colorful country and a beautiful place to visit. When you think of Japan things that pop up in your mind are ancient temples, Fast Bullet Trains, females wearing kimono Right? You are absolutely right Japan, has it all. But if you love alternative…

Tax Payer Restaurant

Japan a tax haven? Think again!

At first glance, Japan seems like it would be a good place to hide money because of the cultural differences and language barrier, but that’s not the case. An agreement has been made between the U.S. Treasury Department and the countries of Japan and Switzerland to help banks in those countries comply with upcoming U.S….

Softbank iPhone on Display by Women in Traditional Japanese Clothing

iPhone is Japan’s Most Popular Smartphone

According to research firm Data Vendor MM Research Institute, throughout the year of 2011, the Apple’s iPhone has been the top selling smartphone in Japan having a sales figure of 7.25 million units and this makes Apple the single biggest smartphone seller in Japan, driving its sales far ahead from its main rival Samsung. From…

Katsuya Takahashi Sarin Gas Suspect

Tokyo Gas Attack Fugitive Arrested by Japanese Authorities

The Japanese authorities have arrested the last fugitive suspected in a deadly nerve gas attack on Tokyo subways that happened in 1995. He was caught at a comic book café in downtown Tokyo after a staff of the café recognized him and alerted the police. The fugitive is Katsuya Takahashi, 54 year old and a…