300,000 Yen Black skin watermelon!

A black skin watermelon from Tomachou is sold at 300,000 yen at an auction in Sapporo city. That’s about $3800! These watermelons are famous for its black luster skin and rich red flesh which have a high level of sweetness compared to the common

Buy Land in Japan for $1.50 USD

To boost the shrinking population of Yuni, a small farming town of Japan with 5,900 people in the middle of the northern island of Hokkaido, it has been selling plots of land for only $1.50 per square meter. The town is hoping to encourage

The City of Kobe (Travel Guide)

Japan holds a strange and somewhat magical hold on the imaginations of some travelers. The subject of fascination can vary greatly between each individual, ranging from romantic visions of ancient landscapes to those of modern pop culture exports. However, to residents of Japan these

AirAsia and ANA Venture Success

Flights are expensive, and that’s why I’m happy to see budget airlines succeed and expand. Air Asia, a Malaysian company, is a very affordable airline that mostly flies around South East Asia and in 2011 they teamed up with Japan’s All Nippon Airways to offer affordable