Hello Kitty Gift Ideas

If you’re looking for something special to give for Valentines, Mothers Day, or Christmas with some Japanese flair but you’ve run out of ideas, I suggest using the famous Hello Kitty as your backup plan! You can find tons of Hello Kitty items in

Visiting Tokyo (Travel Guide)

To begin, here’s a wonderful site to help you navigate the train lines in Tokyo: http://www.jorudan.co.jp/english/index.html JR Train Map: http://www.jreast.co.jp/e/info/map_a4ol.pdf Tokyo Metro Map:  http://www.tokyometro.jp/rosen/rosenzu/pdf/rosen_eng.pdf Points of interest according to station/area: Akihabara (via Yamanote, Sobu, and Hibiya lines) Famous for having one of the largest

5 Toys You Might Find Only in Japan

It is common knowledge that the Japanese have always loved their gadgets, both children and adults. They also have a tremendous flair for the unusual, and it’s an open secret that most of the unusual gadgets that they develop remain for domestic consumption only.

Windows 8 Anime Limited Edition

Available in Japan, Microsoft is releasing a limited edition anime style OS featuring Madobe Yu and Madobe Ai. Here’s a Windows 8 CM Here’s the old Windows 7 anime version commercial too Source: gdm.or.jp