Welcome to Japan it UP!

This is a blast from the past when I originally started my blog back in 2007. I have decided to bring some old stories back to life! “Hello world!” Ah yes, that phrase reminds me of my days in college and the first programming

Q&A: Student living in Japan on a budget

Question: An unnamed person writes in – I’m writing because I have a question that you might be able to answer. I’m planning to apply for a Masters Degree scholarship at a University. If accepted the scholarship would cover full tuition, medical and accident

Three keys to learning Japanese

The following article is a contribution from Roger Lake. You’ll find a lot of good tips below, and a good video explanation on his site – Are you having a tough time learning Japanese? If you are, it’s understandable. For people who think in

The Ichiban Kan Restaurant in Yangon

The Ichiban Kan is a cozy and tasteful restaurant that has the traditional Japanese restaurant architecture with authentic decoration and atmosphere just like the other Japanese restaurants I’ve been to in Japan. A few locals I met said that this is one of the

Q&A: Short term work in Japan?

Question: Renee writes in – Hi there – love your site. It is very inspirational as an American looking to live in Japan for a month or two..I am curious if you know of any jobs that an ex-pat could work for a few