4 Reasons Japan is great for Vacations!

Japan Is A Perfect Place For Vacationers Also known as the land of rising sun, Japan can be defined as a country, where past meets perfectly with the future. With the traditional culture along with modern discoveries, there are so many things, which you might have to taken into consideration, when planning for a trip…

Tokyo Plastic Surgery Specialist

Have you been considering changing your looks? Plastic surgery is one of a medical specialty, which nowadays is not only considered on restoration or correction of a damaged body form or function but also performed on normal parts of the body just to improve a person’s appearance or get rid of the signs of aging….

Mario Kart 8: Luigi’s Death Stare

After Mario Kart 8 was released on the Nintendo Wii U, the star of the game has recently become Luigi and his amazing death stare! Check out this video!

Mind Blowing Video: Tokyo in Reverse!

Check out this awesome video! Almost everything and everybody in Tokyo seem to be moving backwards except one guy who walks forward through the magical mayhem. TOKYO REVERSE – TRAILER from Simon Bouisson on Vimeo.

Matthew Martino cancels MTV Japan trip

We didn’t realise he scared so easily, Matthew C Martino has confirmed he won’t attend this year’s MTV Music Awards Japan as what had earlier been announced. The 21 year old was scheduled to join guests and hosts T.M. Revolution & W-inds on June 14th but his rep has now confirmed he won’t be flying…