Japanese Robot vs Human: Rock-Paper-Scissors

The researchers at the University of Tokyo’s Ishikawa Oku Laboratory have created a new robot which specializes in rock-paper-scissors where it is guaranteed to win the game 100 percent of its matches by using common human trait known as cheating. The researchers have developed a program for the “Janken” robot to recognize the hand shape of the human opponent and counter it within millisecond.

The program that the robot utilizes is called the human-machine cooperation system. It relies on a high-speed vision to stay one step ahead of its opponent. There is no way that a human can win the game for it can move 33 times faster than humans.

According to Professor Masatoshi Ishikawa, the human eye can only process 30 frames per second at most, but the robot can process 1,000 frames per second. As a consequence, the robot responds at a lightning speed for it has the capability to read the hand of the opponent faster that the human eye.

A Japanese TV station wanted a robot that is easier to understand and they have requested to build this rock-paper-scissors machine. Maybe this news is a bit old but… ‘Go-Go-Gadget’ Janken!


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