Must See: Japanese Netflix Original “Underwear”

Underwear tells the story of Mayuko Tokito, a young woman who grew up in the countryside on Japan’s Northernmost island of Hokkaido.

The other central character in the series is Emotion’s Founder and President, Mayumi Nanjo, who is clearly modeled after American Vogue Editor, Anna Wintour, in both appearance and reputed character.

Roughly once an episode Nanjo, with a solemnity befitting the Gettysburg Address, finds an opportunity to lecture her staff on the power of lingerie and the supremacy of customer service.

The divorce from underwear is a paradox that’s difficult to imagine, but it may have its roots in Japan’s reality.

What results is a recognized and studied phenomenon in Japan dubbed “Celibacy syndrome.” Such an attitude toward sexuality among even a subset of society is a big problem in a country whose already declining population will likely drop a further one-third from present day by 2060.

Underwear’s message is that lingerie can divinely empower a woman to become her better, truer self.

Underwear is a Netflix Japan Original Series that is not currently available to watch anywhere outside of Japan.



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