Ice Cream Ramen

Sure sure you might be saying “Only in Tokyo” but you should be saying “Only in Japan” because there’s crazy stuff all over the place. Anyway there’s a restaurant in Tokyo that has created the ultimate ramen + desert in one package. Looks simple enough. Take some ramen (ラーメン), add some ice cream (アイスクリーム), and then eat as much as you can before puking. Nice! You can hit up this dish at a local ramen shop called “Kikuya” by taking a 15 minute walk north Kitasenjyu Station in Tokyo. If you want ramen it up and need to find Kikuya ASAP! To help you get lost I’ll include a map of Kitasenjyu Station (might not work) and I think this is a map showing where Kikuya  is located.

Address: 10-3 Senjuookawa-cho, Adachi-ku, Tokyo
Business Hours: 11:00-15:00, 17:00-20:00 Tuesday – Sunday (Closed Monday)

That flavors can you expect? Vanilla Ice Cream Ramen, Chocolate Ramen, and every bodies favorite… Green Tea Ramen (LIKE WHOA!) Something to remember is that ice cream ramen could be a limtied summer time edition this year (like I heard it was last year) and if you show up too late in the season you might end up with some Coffee Ramen (a.k.a. kohii gyunyu ramen). Other items on the menu include white ramen (yogurt), red ramen (tomato), natto ramen, milk ramen, hot cocoa ramen, pork kimchi ramen, and other crazy combinations. Regular ramen is 500 Yen but if you choose that option I’m sure people will look at you funny.

Here’s a review if you can read Japanese (a friend gave me the link). I found out about this restaurant from this blog (it’s in Japanese too). He seems to only visit strange restaurants and post about his past crazy experiences so check it out. Here’s a quick review taking from the blog about the restaurant.


ラーメン 注文品:ラーメン¥500


If you eat this, come back and let me know!

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