The Feeling You Get During Your First Tokyo Trip

There is no doubt that Tokyo is a magical place. It buzzes as if there’s electricity flowing through the air. Everyone moves at hyper speed, and you feel like you’re frozen in time. Everyone experiences Tokyo differently for their first trip (First Time Guide to Tokyo). But everyone undoubtedly feels magic in the air.

An extrasensory experience

If there was a city in the world that best emulated what it feels like to be on acid, Tokyo is it. From the moment you step on the train at the airport, to when you first take the Hachiko exit to Shibuya Crossing. Tokyo stimulates all the senses.

You start to feel what you see, smell what you hear, and suddenly you are in your own bubble. The buildings are the walls, and you’re right in the middle, along with thousands of other people buzzing along.

It’s a city full of people, the largest urban area in the world. You start to realize that there’s more to it than what meets the eye. People are talking, but you can’t hear them. That’s the Japanese way.

Pleasant to the ears

If there was an award, Tokyo would certainly be the best sounding city in the world. Everything from elevator chimes, to announcements in train stations, everything just sounds pleasant.

In Tokyo and the rest of Japan, they have a sound for everything. Each station has it’s own sound on the Yamanote line, camera shutters are loud and unsilenceable, and there’s sounds for when trains arrive and right before they leave.

They’ve made sounds that are not just effective, but a joy to hear. Train station sounds are distinct, and my ears will perk up every time I hear it.

Peace within hustle and bustle

Somehow with as much that goes on every second in Tokyo, it feels peaceful. Something as simple as the light of a vending machine spilling into a dark alley can feel serene. You step a few meters away from the busy areas, and suddenly you can find peace.

Things are proper in Tokyo. There’s relentless organization, millions of people, and sardine cans for trains. Yet, even in a packed train where you can’t even move your arms, you’re not bothered. It feels peaceful.

Find your Tokyo

No two people have the same experience in Tokyo. Go find your own. Experience the magical feeling for yourself. Let go of everything you think and know, and seek your path in Tokyo.

Kevin is an Expat and a frequenter of Tokyo, you can find more of his ramblings on Twitter @kchau and his travel musings on The Boarding Call


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