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Cruise Japan: Japan's Top 3 Luxury Cruise Destinations - Japan it UP!

Cruise Japan: Japan’s Top 3 Luxury Cruise Destinations

Have you ever dreamed of visiting Japan but don’t know where to start? Do you have a passion for travel and cruising the open seas? Looking for luxury cruises, a Japan adventure and a vacation of a lifetime? Combine all three factors and your solution is to check out the top 3 luxury cruise destinations in Japan.

Imagine seeing the glorious sites of Japan, taking in the dazzling lights of large vibrant cities, charming century-old towns, historic Japanese landmarks, enjoying a lively cultural experience and exploring ancient shrines, lush Zen-like gardens and magnificent temples. Tourists flock to Japan every year, not only for its historical explorations, but for its outstanding electronic industry, pop culture, top-notch fashion industry and world-famous designs.

Even with all of this excitement, Japan still holds a land of natural beauty that can range from sun-kissed beaches and turquoise waters of the Okinawa islands to the sweet-smelling lavender-filled farms and snow-capped mountains. When we think of Japan, we picture the skilled sumo wrestler, lightning-fast subway trains, geisha art, hospitality at its finest, suited business men, old-world traditional festivals, artistic food and Mount Fuji hikes. Japan boasts a mix of everything for everyone and when you visit Japan, you are guaranteed to make memories of a lifetime.

Cruise Ship in Japan

Avid cruiser? If you are thinking of cruising across Japan and want to enjoy Japan in luxury, check out these top 3 luxury cruise destinations in Japan.

Cruise to Nagasaki and Visit with Japanese History

Nagasaki is one of the best destinations for a luxury cruise stop-over. Take in picturesque views of the historic harbor as you cruise into port. Sample the local ramen specialty called Champon, visit the famous shopping arcade called Hamanomachi where you can find beautiful Japanese arts and crafts or awaken your taste buds by trying some kaiseki. Go sightseeing for a while when you are off the cruise ship, visit the Nagasaki Kannon Universal Temple, the Dejima Museum or stroll along the flagstone streets, known as the Dutch Slopes.

Visit Kobe in Luxury: Must-See’s

When you get off the ship in Kobe, make sure you visit must-see attractions such as the Kobe City Oji Zoo, Mount Maya, Kobe Botanical Gardens and do some window shopping at Kobe Harborland. You can also enjoy some of the finest Japanese cuisine in Kobe, so make sure you have planned your visit ahead of time so you can get it all in within your visit. Kobe is extremely popular with cruise goers worldwide as it is bustling with activity and fun.

Window Shop and See Kagoshima in Style

If your cruise ship offers you ample time to explore when visiting Kagoshima, make sure you visit popular attractions and places such as Mount Sakurajima, the Yunohira Lookout which boasts magnificent views of the harbor, Nagashima Museum and the Kagoshima City Aquarium.

Explore these top luxury cruise destinations in Japan and make sure you provide yourself with enough travel time at each destination so that you can see what Japan has to offer its visitors.

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