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Cost of Alcohol in Japan - Japan it UP!

Cost of Alcohol in Japan

A lot of people wonder about the cost of living in Japan. Sure there’s living expenses, transportation, food, etc., but last weekend I decided to do some research on the cost of alcohol so you can compare it to your local store. There’s a law in Japan that makes people list their prices with tax included. Alcohol laws can be different in the U.S., so I’m not sure if the tax law applies to alcohol but I’m assuming so (I don’t have my receipt handy).

Here’s a video talking about drinks and social setting in Japan.

Almost all bottles listed are 750ml. Ones that are 700ml will be compared to the USD 750ml price. I’ll show you the actual price of alcohol in Yen from a liquor store in Japan and I’ll also list the estimated price in U.S. Dollars from what you’d find in a U.S. liquor store. From my extensive research I feel the Yen price is accurate and it’s what you’ll find at most stores. Ok, no more blah blah blah. Let’s get our drink on!

Grey Goose Vodka in Japan Grey Goose Vodka (750ml)
Cost in Japanese Yen: 3200 (comparable)
Estimated U.S. Dollars: $35
Absolut Vodka in Japan Absolut Vodka (750ml)
Cost in Yen: 1190 (cheaper!)
Estimated USD: $23** Absolut Vodka Flavored
** (Citron, Melon, etc)

** Cost in Yen: 2289 (comparable)

** Estimated USD: $23

Skyy Vodka in Japan SKYY Vodka (750ml)
Cost in Yen: 1187 (cheaper)
Estimated USD: $18
Tanqueray Gin in Japan Tanqueray (750ml)
Cost in Yen: 1391 (cheaper)
Estimated USD: $21
Bombay Sapphire Gin in Japan Bombay Sapphire (750ml)
Cost in Yen: 1490 (cheaper)
Estimated USD: $25
Crown Royal in Japan Crown Royal (750ml)
Cost in Yen: 1932 (cheaper)
Estimated USD: $27
Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum in Japan Captain Morgan Spiced Rum (750ml)
Cost in Yen: 1180 (cheaper)
Estimated USD: $20
Jagermeister in  Japan Jagermeister (700ml)
Cost in Yen: 1660 (comparable)
Estimated USD: $18
Baileys in Japan Baileys (750ml)
Cost in Yen: 1300 (cheaper)
Estimated USD: $23
Jack Daniel's in Japan Jack Daniels (700ml)
Cost in Yen: 1980 (cheaper)
Estimated USD: $24
Jameson Whiskey in Japan Jameson Whiskey (700ml)
Cost in Yen: 1850 (cheaper)
Estimated USD: $26

As you can see, most hard liquor is cheaper in Japan vs the U.S. (20-50% cheaper). Some strange things I’ve noticed is that certain brands only carry 700ml compared to the U.S. version of 750ml. Also some brands that have a variety of flavors, like Absolut, charge more for the flavored bottles. I’d prefer a nice Absolut Mandarin with some Orange Juice but hey for 1100 Yen (about $10) price difference I’ll stick to the non flavored variety.

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13 thoughts on “Cost of Alcohol in Japan

  1. hey just passing by cuz i caught you lurking… guess we’re in the same part of the world eh? i am also a crazy american who never went back…to the good ole us of a…oh well..whereabouts are you? and stop by again.. i will be back to get your view on this wacky country!

  2. Hi Jyankee, thanks for stopping by! I’m currently in Fukuoka and I’m loving it so far. I can just imagine some of your experiences so far. I like your site because of all the pictures, keep it up!

  3. We lived in Misawa Japan for four years and have a sake’ collection and a beer collection. Things can be expensive over there but not everything.

  4. What about beer in Japan. Is there such things as Japan micro brews? Are there an local beers worth drinking?



  5. @Marsha: In regard to price, I think Japan is just like any country. Some things are more expensive than other countries, some things are less. Also a sake collection sounds cool. I used to have a beer bottle collection from microbreweries in the U.S. but shortly after college I gave it away.

    @Jyankee: Warmer for sure.

    @Ed: I read your comment earlier today and then headed out to do some shopping. I’ve been to a lot of cool places in the city and the country side, but so far I haven’t seen a microbrewery. UNTIL TODAY! I passed by Nakasu Brewery. The bus ride there is $1, so I’m going to try to get there in the next two months. I could say next week but I don’t want to disappoint you if I don’t make it.

  6. dude that hella sucks that grey goose is 35 bucks down there, a lot of the liquar stores around my area sells it for 15-20 bucks

    but dude great blog really useful

  7. Detox Drinks – The price of beer at the store runs ¥100-250 per can. And if you buy a 12 pack then it’s 12 times the individual can price. I should do some research on the prices for different beer and post it.

    victor – Grey Goose for $20? That would be nice. The cheapest I’ve ever seen it is $25 in the U.S. Thanks for stopping by the blog!

  8. Hello everyone!

    it’s my first time here on this blog…
    so, i currently live in japan, Aichi-Ken Toyota-Shi
    and i would like to know where can i buy a Grey Goose Bottle.
    if someone know any liquor store here in aichi…
    i would be very pleased!


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