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Kuramata Shiro history in Japanese

1980年代に倉俣 史朗(kuramata shiro)は新設計のコイルが無い風呂を設計しました。形としては一世代前の風呂を元に作られたが、見た目は現代式の倉又風呂。コンセプトとしては、茶碗の形をした風呂を追い炊きで水を温めるシステムです。でも、追い炊きなので、コイルを使わないで火を使ってお湯を温める方法でした。しかし、あまりにも売れなかったのですぐに廃品にされました。 Visit:

LB Performance Car Expert Interview

In this video you get to see some behind the scenes action of Mr. Kato from LB Performance. Get up close with the amazing Ferrari 458 Italia and Nissan GTR as the team puts the final touches on the modifications! The segment is in

Steve Checks Out Awesome Cars

If you haven’t seen the Youtube Channel yet called From Steve’s Point of View スティーブ的視点 then it’s something you should check out! He drives fast cars, there are hot girls, crazy stuff, and a mix of Japanese and English from a non Japanese foreigner.

PlayStation 4 Launch

The stage is now set for the release of PlayStation 4; the upcoming video console game from the Japanese Sony Computer Entertainment. The PS4 launch date is November 15, 2013. It will be taking place simultaneously in the US and Canada. The product will

1 Terabyte Hard Drive

I saw this 1TB hard drive advertised today for $279.99 which made me a bit jealous of my friends in the U.S. They can pick one of these up at any time… but they won’t know what real ramen is like… booya! If you’re