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Matthew Martino cancels MTV Japan trip

Friday, May 30th, 2014

We didn’t realise he scared so easily, Matthew C Martino has confirmed he won’t attend this year’s MTV Music Awards Japan as what had earlier been announced. The 21 year old was scheduled to join guests and hosts T.M. Revolution & W-inds on June 14th but his rep has now confirmed he won’t be flying out to the Asian country due to ‘security reasons’.

Matthew Martino 1

No particular information was provided due to the nature of the threat but Martino’s rep confirmed ‘We have now advised Matthew to cancel his trip to Japan on the 12th of June’.

Film producer/Author Martino has never hidden his passion for Japan as he has been a long time ‘sushi lover’ and counts Soho joint ‘Chotto Matte’ in London among his favourite restaurants as e regularly eats from a Japanese menu. Martino also grew close ties with the country when he commented on Tokyo the capital of Japan as ‘The next big city’.

Matthew Martino 2

Martino’s visit wasn’t meant to be official, he was set to attend the MTV awards then spend a further two days holidaying but due to the latest security scares in Japan which include a corpse of a body that was posted across Japan & the attack on girl group AKB48 has allegedly scared the young star who will now hold back on his visit.

Martino himself was unavailable for comment and publicist Carol Suvarov declined to comment further on the reasons behind the cancelled trip.


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ETRURIA: Breaking into Japan’s music industry

Tuesday, March 4th, 2014

ETRURIA BAND is thinking on the possibility to move their music to JAPAN, because in this open mind country their music will be more easy to show.


The singer Sergio Ferrer from Spain was in the past in Japan (Tokyo) and he was amazed about Japanese people and always with the idea to return to Japan to perform one day his music.

“ETRURIA is something different for your senses”

“We came here to be part of the puzzle of life. Each piece is different. ETRURIA translate feelings and sensations in songs. At a very young began his journey through the music by visiting Japan, USA, Europe, China, Finland, .. and all of this has been painted into songs that tell stories, some reals and some dreams.”

The EP was released from Germany (Berlin) but the whole process of composing,recording, mixing, mastering was done in Spain.

Voice : Sergio Ferrer – Drum: Wake – Guitar: Alberto Montoya – Keyboard: Juan Gurrea – Bass: Joan Vaquero

*You can listen their music at these places:




Nova and Teaching English in Japan

Sunday, September 8th, 2013

NOVA Corp is the Japan’s largest English conversation school chain. And for those who teach English in Japan and are employed by Nova I say… DOH! I read the news back in April of 2007 when Nova got busted for breaking the law (they refused to refund tuition fees to students who canceled their contracts.) And recently people have not been getting paid for their work. Today things have gotten worse and Nova has filed for protection from the courts. More and more people are starting to teach English online using Skype which is a good thing when major corporate disruptions like this happen.

I wonder what this means for current employees and their work visas. Not only that but if an employees income stops or is slowed it could mean trouble for their living expenses. Damn.

Check out the news from Yahoo

Nova Corp , the largest operator of English language schools in Japan, said on Friday that it has filed for court protection from creditors amid efforts to turn around its business.

Following the company’s announcement, the Jasdaq Securities Exchange said it would delist Nova’s shares on Nov. 27.

Nova, which operates over 900 schools in Japan, posted net losses for the past two business years and said it held a total 43.9 billion yen in debt as of July.

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Snail Facial for $250 USD? Would you do it?

Saturday, September 7th, 2013

Sometimes I think things in Japan start normal or a bit boring. To remedy this feeling I just wait about a week and something cool, exciting, or different comes up in the news or down the street. Right now super protein packed slime is be slathered all over somebody’s face by slow crawling critters. It could be happening right now! As you read this! I’ve heard prices range from $100 USD to about $250 USD. Could this be the #1 anti aging solution? Could this be the key to reducing wrinkles? I will be sticking to green tea, a healthy diet, and avoiding over exposure to the sun instead. Imagine how much antioxidant-rich green tea $100 could buy. Or even aloe vera plants that you could slime all over your face instead. But back to the snails, would you do this?

Japan fingerprints foreigners?

Saturday, August 31st, 2013

FingerprintAre you ready Starting November 20th 2007 Japan will start to fingerprint and photograph people entering Japan. The fingerprints, photographs and other biometric data of foreign visitors will be stored in a computer for cross-checking with a list of wanted criminals and people who have been deported in the past. Investigative authorities will have access to the data.

The prints will remain on record for 70 years. According to the new procedures, if requested, the Justice Ministry will turn over the data to the police and other government agencies.

This excludes ethnic Koreans and other permanent residents with special status, those under 16, those visiting Japan for diplomatic or official purposes, and those invited by the state.

Japan Times said an estimated 6-7 million foreigners entering Japan every year will be covered by the ordinance.