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Matthew Martino cancels MTV Japan trip

We didn’t realise he scared so easily, Matthew C Martino has confirmed he won’t attend this year’s MTV Music Awards Japan as what had earlier been announced. The 21 year old was scheduled to join guests and hosts T.M. Revolution & W-inds on June

Nova and Teaching English in Japan

NOVA Corp is the Japan’s largest English conversation school chain. And for those who teach English in Japan and are employed by Nova I say… DOH! I read the news back in April of 2007 when Nova got busted for breaking the law (they

Japan fingerprints foreigners?

Are you ready Starting November 20th 2007 Japan will start to fingerprint and photograph people entering Japan. The fingerprints, photographs and other biometric data of foreign visitors will be stored in a computer for cross-checking with a list of wanted criminals and people who