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Featured Recipe: Japanese Nabe

Japanese Nabe (also known as Japanese Nabemono is kind of like an awesome soup or stew, and everything is cooked in the same pot. There are a variety of ways to prepare nabe, but I’ll give you one you can try out. You can

Street Food in Japan

If you’re looking for an exciting Japanese experience while saving some money, make sure to check out the street food in Japan. I’ll talk mostly about the Tokyo area because that’s where most people visit. There are a lot of street food vendors around

Featured Recipe: Japanese Karage

Here’s a step by step tutorial on how to make Karage (Japanese Fried Chicken) You will need the following: 10 boneless chicken thighs ½ cup potato starch Oil for deep frying Lettuce leaves for garnish Ingredients to make the marinade: 2 teaspoons grated fresh

170% Coffee – No WAY!

Me and a (gaijin) friend of mine were heading to play some darts at Cybac and he handed me a can of coffee. The can said – Coffee 170%! No way can they fit 170% coffee inside a can that’s not 70% bigger! After