ordering from pizza hut robot

Pizza Hut Robot Servers

In March, Carl’s Jr CEO Andy Puzder expressed an interested in adopting more automated technology in his restaurants after learning about Eatsa, the mostly-automated San Francisco based healthy fast food joint. Pizza Hut in Japan will be the first major chain to utilize robots to actually serve customers in its pilot program later this year….

kit kat flavors in japan

32 New Kit Kat Flavors in Japan

From Green Tea to Wasabi, Japan is deeply in love with the chocolate-covered wafer goodness that is the Kit Kat, offering a selection of 32 flavours nationwide. If you’re looking to magically blend your wafer-orientated Charlie and the Chocolate Factory fantasies and the most sophisticated of international shopping surrounds, then you’ve got to pay a…


Ikea’s black ‘Ninja Dog’ hot dog in Japan

Ikea might be even more famous for its meatballs than its flat-pack, assemble-it-yourself furniture, but now there’s a new menu item that threatens to unseat all the others because it looks like something from outer space. Ikea Japan has just unveiled a new Ninja hotdog, a hot dog that’s entirely black! It’s called the Ninja…

black ghostbusters burger

Black Bun Ghostbusters Burger

In a world of movie tie-ins that span from simple advertisements to all sorts of varying foodstuffs, Japan seems to have the edge in this matter with the new Ghostbusters. So while the Internet has continuous meltdowns about the bastardizations of its childhood with each new trailer, people in Japan are getting crazy-looking burgers. Following…

Kikunoi Restaurant Yoshihiro Murata

Best Restaurants in Japan for luxury travelers

Michelin Guide (fr. Michelin, Le Guide Rouge), sometimes also referred to as the “Red Guide” – the most famous and influential of restaurant ratings at the moment. The guide is available since 1900 and has a three-star system for evaluating restaurants. Japan has one of the highest densities of Michelin-starred restaurants in the world, with…