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Featured Recipe: Japanese Katsudon

Here is a cooking tutorial on how to make Japanese katsudon (deep fried pork rice bowl) Here’s what you’re going to need 4 Boneless pork loin steaks 1 Egg Flour (for coating meat) Fresh bread crumbs (for coating meat) Salt and Pepper Finely shredded

Why Do We Love Japanese Spicy Mayo?

Most meals hinge on a singular element, a key ingredient that, if left out, causes the entire meal to fall out of balance. There is one recipe element for which this is almost always true for every recipe it is involved with: sauce. Sauce

3 Delicious MUST TRY Japanese Foods

What makes Japan stand out when it comes to food is the importance of preparation and the quality of the ingredients used in Japanese cuisine. Japan is basically a foodies paradise and it isn’t surprising that Japan has the most 3 star Michelin Restaurants