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Surfing in Japan

Are you looking for adventurous water activities? There are plenty of interesting and exciting water activities to enjoy in Japan. As it is surrounded by ocean and lined with 32,000 rivers, streams and lakes, this island nation offers challenging activities to indulge. You may

A Guide To Japan

If you’re looking for a cultural change of scenery, we definitely recommend that you take a trip to Japan. Quirky, technologically-advanced and offering some of the world’s finest cuisine, Japan is a must-see for any avid traveller. Whether you’re after visiting the cosmopolitan wonders

Flea Markets

Flea markets in Japan – the easy way to find both rare antiques, slightly used and really cheap clothes and other stuff. Some visitors are searching for Japan souvenirs, some are trying to save money making shopping there, some just look for new impressions.

This would Never Happen in Japan

In these videos, Steve touches on vending machines and the way the don’t take money but nickel and dime you to death! Working conditions, and J-Pop Fukuyama!! From Steve’s Point of View (or スティーブ的視点 in Japanese) is a Youtuber I recently ran across while