About Japan it UP!

What’s up! Thanks for visiting my site. I’m Steve (from America) and this site is mostly about my experiences while I’m in Japan.

Latest update (2013): I’m traveling through Asia. Seeking adventure, walking the earth, and eating strange foods. But don’t let that discourage you! Read below to see how I came to Japan!

Let’s rewind a little bit shall we?
During the spring of 2007 my Fiancee, Mai, said to me “I’m graduating college soon. Do you want to check out Japan and see what it’s like?” to which I responded with out hesitation “Oh hellz yeah!” The decision was made. Tickets were purchased. I finished up my bowling league. To start our adventure we decided to sell everything we owned with the exception of each of our 2 checked bags, 2 carry ons, and snowboard. This would be my first time visiting Japan (and I didn’t even have a guide book or Lonely Planet!)

Me and my fiancee snowboarding

Fast forward to now:
Life in Japan has had it’s ups and downs, but I think Japan is pretty sweet! I had a round trip ticket when I got here but I’m not sure what happened to that return ticket. I knew around 10 Japanese words when I moved to Japan, but I’m working on it. I used to laugh at the thought of Ramen and how it can cost up to 800 yen (the $0.10 Ramen from the U.S. is what I always thought of) but now I’m addicted!

Japan Status!

A little about me:
I’m an American from the Midwest. My consulting business allows me to be 100% mobile so BAM here I am! I have lived in the countryside near a small town in south Kyushu island and I’m currently living in Fukuoka. When my site is not updated much, it’s mostly due to work or travel.

This tasty cafe was an

Why did I start this site?
I didn’t speak Japanese when I arrived, and I didn’t know anybody that spoke fluent English so I suppose the real reason I started this site was to entertain myself. I’m no professional writer and I started writing about whatever I wanted, but I’m trying to stick to the Japan topic and share some experiences, weird and crazy things in Japan, and answers I find to my own questions. Maybe it’ll help somebody out or at least give them a good laugh or ‘What the…’ look on their face. Life is what you make of it so you might as well Japan it UP!