5 Important Things You Must Do Before Traveling To Japan

When you travel to Japan, you are given the chance to see a country that is rooted in their tradition and culture. In addition to that, this country has also welcomed technology and modernization with open arms. A mix of culture and technology– that is one combination you will not get to see in any other countries.

(1) Learn Basic Japanese.

Japanese is quite a difficult language to learn. Attempting to do this in just a few months is not possible. However, not knowing any Japanese terms at all can become quite a hassle when you travel to Japan. Learning basic Japanese words for simple terms like- Hello, Where is this, Thank you, Excuse me, sorry and the likes can turn your Japan trip from a nightmare into a wonderful dream. Here are some free resources to help you out. Keep in mind that not all Japanese speak fluent English. These terms will definitely come handy wherever you go.


(2) Plan Your Itinerary

If you wish to make the most out of your Japan trip, then you must plan your itinerary well. Once you have received your ticket and you already know how many days you will be staying in this wonderful country, then it is time to let the good times roll. Determine what places you will visit then schedule all the attractions on the same city on a day. You can also try calculating the travel time. There are lots of websites and mobile apps that you can use to plan your itinerary the most efficient and effective way possible. Here are some travel guides I’ve written to give you more insight on different areas of Japan.


(3)¬†Know The Do’s and Don’ts.

Each and every country has their own culture. What is acceptable to US may not work well in Japan. This is why you should do your research first before the scheduled trip. In this way, you will be able to avoid disrespecting the culture and traditions of Japan. If you plan on visiting their temples, then know what appropriate dress to wear. If you wish to socialize with their people, then know what you should and should not do. If you wish to eat in Japanese restaurants, then know what is their eating etiquette.


(4) Buy Travel Insurance.

No matter how long or short your stay in Japan will be, having international travel insurance is highly recommended. By having this type of insurance, you will have protection when you travel abroad. There are actually many types of travel insurance that we have today– travel health insurance, personal belongings insurance or travel investment insurance. It is best that you know the difference between these types so that you can determine which type you would need the most.


(5) Finalize Bookings.

Aside from flight booking, you may also wish to book your accommodation in advance. In order to find and book a great place to stay in, you must finalize your bookings a few months prior to the scheduled trip. There are actually many types of accommodation in Japan– Ryokan or traditional Japanese hotels, western hotels and guest houses. For a more fruitful Japan experience, it is recommended that you try out all these types of accommodation.



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